• Israel has never ratified the Nonproliferation Treaty and the 1972 biological and toxic weapons convention, as opposed to for example Iran and Libya [read more]

  • Israel is the largest recipient of US military aid

  • Israel got a green light from the US before their invasion of Lebanon in 1982 [read more]

  • The Israeli government states openly that extrajudicial executions form part of a government policy [read more]

  • Palestinian detainees under interrogation are frequently held incommunicado for up to 20 days, and some for as long as 90 days. [read more]

  • Amnesty claims that the great majority of Israeli killings of palestinians were unlawful, "a result of the excessive use of lethal force when no lives were in danger", and that there is a "culture of impunity" within the Israeli security forces [read more]

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