• American corporations exported a number of toxic biological materials to Iraq in the 80s, identical to those the United Nations inspectors later found and removed from the Iraqi biological warfare program [read more]

  • At least 125,000 civilian Iraqis were killed in the Gulf war [read more]

  • In 1998, when Madelaine Albright was asked whether the reported death of 500,000 Iraqi children as a result of sanctions was justified, she answered 'I think this is a very hard choice, but the price - we think the price is worth it' [read more]

  • After the Gulf War, an international War Crimes Tribunal was held where the US was found guilty of 19 different crimes [read more]

  • 93.6% of the tonnage dropped in the Gulf war were traditional unguided bombs [read more]

  • According to Unicef, the United Nations Children’s Fund, 4,000 children under five are dying every month in Iraq because of the sanctions imposed since the Gulf war [read more]

  • Even after the cease-fire went into effect at the end of the Gulf War, US troops attacked both civilians and retreating iraqi soldiers [read more]

  • The U.S. government intentionally used sanctions against Iraq to degrade the country's water supply after the Gulf War. [read more]

  • Two operational nuclear reactors and several chemical plants were consciously bombed during the Gulf war [read more]

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